Greater Ink designs custom products that make statements, spark conversation, and benefit non-profit organizations. We donate a percentage of our proceeds to designated nonprofit organizations.

Greater Ink family

Our kids constantly ask questions about what they see or hear. Some questions are hard to answer. Why are there homeless people? What does it mean to fight in a war? Why is that man asking for money? Why are there so many dogs in the shelter? What is cancer? Why did that person die? Why are some kids mean? When will we have a woman president?

We don’t want to just give our kids verbal answers, and hope they learn from words. We’re using the skills and means we have to take action. To highlight the good, and try to help steer away from the bad. To help others less fortunate than us. To somehow make a difference. And to hopefully multiply what we could do on our own.

We started Greater Ink out of love for design, a passion for helping others, and a desire to offer products we believe need to be in the market, and that the market wants. Thanks for your support, and helping us give to organizations that are making a real difference in our world.