Why Greater Ink?

April 28, 2017

Why Greater Ink?

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. —Barack Obama

Our back story…

When we look around us, we see acts of love, compassion, humility, bravery, and humans treating each other with dignity and respect. Acts that encourage and inspire us, and prove that this world is a pretty awesome place. We also see the ugly side of human nature: acts driven by selfishness, greed, fear, anger, or impatience.

The prevalence of mobile tech and social media feed us continuous accounts of this dual-sided human nature. We are lifted up, then torn down a minute later. Our own views and beliefs get confirmed or challenged. There’s so much going on in the world into which we now have a direct view, and from multiple angles.

Our kids constantly ask us questions about what they see or hear. Some questions are harder to answer. Why are there homeless people? What does it mean to fight in a war? Why is that man asking for money? Why are there so many dogs in the shelter? What is cancer? Why did that person die? Why are some kids so mean? When will we have a woman president?

We don’t just give our kids verbal answers, and hope they learn from words. We use the skills and means we have to take action. To highlight the good, and steer away from the bad. To help others less fortunate than us. To somehow make a difference.

And the idea...

So we started thinking about opening up a small online store. We knew we wanted to design and offer products for sale that somehow benefited others. But it wasn’t completely clear to us what the store or the products it offered would be. We thought we could target a market of people like us. People looking to express themselves, engage in conversation, and join us in our drive to do good and benefit society.

With experience in design, marketing, and social media, the obvious first move to us seemed like apparel with messaging applied to it. We had some prior experience years ago designing silkscreened t-shirts, so that’s where we began.

As we got further into development of the company, and creation of the first several designs, we decided to tie every design we produced to a non-profit organization. Each organization would benefit by receiving a donated portion of the profits from that product’s sales.

Sometimes we have an organization or a cause in mind first, and we come up with a product design to pair with that org or cause. Other times, we create a design first, then later choose a relevant organization whose work or purpose matches well with the design.

And our name...

We realize the purpose served by the company (and the products we create through it) will be somewhat fluid as we react to changing times, current events, and causes that need support or attention. But we believe our products will always carry a message. And the message and benefit of each product should be greater than the result of applying ink to a surface. Something bigger than us and larger than the sum of its parts. If you will… ink with a greater purpose. Thus the name, Greater Ink.

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